Today, the United States of America remains the most competitive training ground for the most ancient contact sports in the world - boxing. As early as 4000 BC, the Egypt has already revered the professional boxer as an honorable athlete. However, the lethal sport of ancient classical period hardly resembles the modern boxing we know today.

For one thing, the ancient blood sport limits its rules to 'unarmed free-for-all combat.' It was replete with moves and strategies everyone would recognize as foul. But if there is one thing that remained constant from ancient Olympian pugilists to professional contenders of the 21st Century, it is the commitment to physical fitness. Staying true to the values of discipline, determination, and dedication; these top 5 boxing gyms in America elevate fitness enthusiasts and sports fans into a much better shape.

Gleason's Gym. This boxing gym in New York remains to be the oldest fitness club for professional competitors in the United States. Legends like Rocky Marciano, Roberto Duran, and Muhammad Ali have trained at Gleason's Gym during the peak of their careers. It still remains a popular training hall for contemporary champions.  

Wild Card Boxing Club. Despite its relatively young duration (1995), the Wild Card Boxing Club is considered 'the Hollywood' of boxing gyms in America. Among its most loyal patrons is the living legend Manny Pacquiao. This Los Angeles gym was established and currently run by renowned coach Freddie Roach and actor Mickey Rourke.

Aerospace HPC. This gym in New York is famous for one reason - it is the most popular fitness training club for supermodels. Owned by retired professional boxer Michael Olajide Jr., women who wish to sport an impressive physique wear those crossfire wrist wraps and call for the quirky eye-patched trainer to mold them into fierce goddesses. 

Joltin' Jabs. This Philadelphia-based gym is trained by a real-life character that may have inspired the famous boxing movie hero, Rocky Balboa. Pro fighter Joey DeMalavez formulates the straight no-nonsense drills for boxing training - an ideal place for the beginner's learning curve.

Overthrow NYC. Anybody looking for intense boxing training should visit Overthrow. This gym sports a gritty 'subway' interior design that spells out 'raw' in bold form. In addition to that, its program applies military style discipline. One of the biggest x-factor in their regimen is the '10-burpee penalty' for technical missteps (and other misdemeanors).