Since it was known in mass media, Krav Maga has been at the top of the list for martial arts enthusiasts and pundits - nearly eclipsing the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts. Unlike the aforementioned fighting discipline, Krav Maga training basically empowers ordinary civilians to disable and even maim armed aggressors. Simply put it, this Israeli martial art is designed to increase the chances of ordinary people's survival in life-threatening circumstances (e.g. robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, etc.).

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga training began as early as the 1930's when Germany began its widespread persecution of Jews. Imi Lichtenfeld, son of a Slovakian combat athlete, began developing quick and brutal methods of unarmed maneuvers to fend off anti-Semitic gangs. Considering the extreme violence experienced by Jews in this period, being able to successfully fight back seemed like an extraordinary feat of defiance.

From boxing and wrestling, Lichtenfeld explored other foreign (Asian) disciplines and incorporated it into a system that became a standard unarmed close quarter fighting style adopted by the Israeli Defense Force. When the Arab-Israeli War broke out in the 1950's, Krav Maga has become the lifeline of Israeli soldiers trapped in unconventional close quarter attacks.

69 Years of Successful Resistance

Tourists who visit Israel often share the same level of confidence felt by its inhabitants, despite the fact that this country has been under constant threat from its neighbors for over half a century. A huge part of that sense of security is due largely in part of the level of military preparedness inculcated to every citizen. After all, only roughly 26% of the citizens above age 18 are exempted from mandatory military service.

Krav Maga training is a basic prerequisite for all drafted soldiers. For Israeli citizens, it is a duty to learn advanced self-defense. But for enthusiastic outsiders, learning Krav Maga is a unique privilege. It appeals to the general idea of 'elevating the common and endangered individual.'

Krav Maga Global

Teaching Krav Maga worldwide, Krav Maga Global offers a unique experience of training for 10 days in Israel. This program already includes 9 accommodation nights, 5-hour daily self-defense courses, and a 3-day group tour around Israel. Possible tour locations include Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Haifa, Galilee, Acre, and Golan Heights.