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Scandinavian Pick: Norway, Sweden, Or Denmark?

Travelers Today       By    FG Dullin

Updated: Feb 22, 2017 04:20 AM EST

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There are at least three similar and most fascinating aspects that define the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Geographically, traveling in Scandinavia is often associated with cold weather considering their relative proximity to the Arctic Circle. Another key feature that defines these Scandinavian nations is its history. All these three nations were inhabited by the Vikings - courageous marauders often represented in literature and pop culture.

One of the most interesting aspects about the Scandinavian people that leave the best impression from outsiders is their culture. Almost every area of their lifestyle is geared towards improving their well-being, from sauna baths to their exotic low-carb diet.

While the three aforementioned countries in Northern Europe share common traits, they also have unique variations. It is often these differences that influence an outsider to choose one of these Nordic countries for their travel destination.


This country has a total population of 4,691,849 as of 2011. Though the people traveling in Scandinavia expects cool climate, they would often choose to visit Norway if they want the real winter experience. One of the most unique features of Norway is its peculiar cosmic cycle. Earning the nickname 'Land of the Midnight Sun,' those who visit Norway often observe 20 hours of daylight and extended night time duration during the winter season.


As of 2012, there are over 9.5 million people living in Europe's 4th largest country. Sweden is best known for its values of equality, environmentalism and technological innovation. People in Sweden are generally proficient in terms of work-life balance. With coffee breaks being an inseparable aspect of their identity, this country is teeming with excellent coffee shops and lounges where people can simply relax and unwind. 'Eco-warriors' around the world would visit Sweden for better cultural exposure.   


There are a number of reasons why tourists would visit Denmark, but among the most popular include three: Lego, cycling and Vikings. Denmark is considered the world's Lego capital, considering that this country pioneered the manufacture of such a toy. Majority of the people ride a bicycle to work because of the good flat terrain. As for appreciation of the Viking people, no other country keeps such heritage more alive than Denmark.

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