The history of boxing can be traced as far away as Ancient Egypt. However, the real development of the modern sport began in England. Before it became the recognizable sport that has become popular in the United States in the 21st Century underwent a rougher transition with its earlier generations of British boxers.

The first official boxing event in England began as early as 1681. From the late 1600's onwards, London has become the center of boxing tournaments in Europe. In 1743, an undisputed fighter named John "Jack" Broughton inscribed the first Code of Rules that began to shape boxing as a respectable competition. Although there were no padded gloves used yet, boxing rules limit strikes to punching and forbade hitting below the belt. The Code of Rules also introduced the 30-second breaks and the prohibition of hitting a downed opponent.

These regulations preceded the 1867 Queensberry Code used in all boxing competitions around the world today. London is a place that proudly developed modern boxing, and it still remains a competitive hub to rival the United States.   

Repton Boxing Club

The pioneer of all boxing gyms in London, this club was established in 1884 - seventeen years following the official introduction of the Queensberry Code. Now it still continues to train potential champions, especially among children as early as 7 years old.  

Peacock Gym

A more swanky and professional approach to athleticism attracts like-minded fitness enthusiasts into this club. The Peacock Gym produced one of the best British boxers of all time, Lennox Lewis. This gym also teaches aerobics, weight training, circuit training, and Muay Thai.  

Stonebridge Boxing Club

Better known as SBC, this is one of the reliable boxing gyms in London for prospective competitors. Training in Stonebridge Boxing Club is headed by two middleweight champions - Toks Owoh and Kreshnik Qato.

Miguel's Boxing Gym

This gym is known for catering to a wide variety of practitioners - especially those which do not often fit the 'champion material' stereotype. With neat programs catering to mothers and even toddlers, Miguel's Boxing Gym is one of the best places for beginners.

The Fighter Fit

As one of the few boxing gyms in London that provide private coaching, this club has earned its reputation as among the best gyms in the country. This gym also offers a unique program called 'Boxing Yoga.'