Wildlife travelers are always craving for the exotic factor to stoke up their tourism reward system. Although the rugged Malay island of Borneo has been visible in the international travel radar for generations, this destination is far from being out of the trend. These are the following reasons that always draw this Southeast Asian rainforest close to their hearts.

Wildlife Abundance

Among the many reasons for tourists to visit Borneo, the most obvious are its wildlife abundance. This Southeast Asian rainforest is home to a vast and diverse array of flora and fauna, some of which are endemic in the Malay Archipelago alone. Case in point: the famous red-haired Orang Utan ape is now thriving in Borneo's better natural habitat, especially in light of gradual deforestation around neighboring atolls.  

Cultural Exposure

Plants and animals are not the only aspects that warrant awe from Borneo's visitors. In fact, the local tribes are just as fascinating as their wildlife ward. Among its most notable inhabitants include the Penan people - nomads who know Borneo's forest at the back of their hands. Another tribe worth mentioning is the riverside community called Salak, whose namesake seemed to be derived from a fruit-bearing palm tree endemic in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Exotic Cuisine

Hospitality is one of the best cultural traits of Indonesian and Malay cultures. In Borneo, one does not have to feel wanting - especially in terms of the food the hosts serve. Borneo's cuisine is replete with Indonesian, Malay, Chinese and Indian influences. Borneo's dishes are often comprised of flavorful combinations of stewed meat and vegetables.

Seafaring Adventures

Visitors who ventured the depths of Borneo's inland rainforests are just as likely to be amazed by the sights off the island's coast. There are a number of islands across the sea that ought to lure enthusiastic divers among those who visit Borneo. Island-hopping is one of the most popular activities in this part of the Malay Archipelago.

Great Learning Experience

The greatest take-away after a fun-filled adventure in Borneo is the knowledge and wisdom one can bring back home. Whether it is the practical skill of paddling boats along the river, hunting frogs at night, interacting with smart apes, or whipping up a flavorful Southeast Asian dish - Borneo is an ideal place for a great learning experience.