Some countries (or in the case of Scotland, 'autonomous regions') do not often appreciate the stereotypes that make them stand out among other nationalities. However, Scotland proves to be the exception. In fact, foreigners are even enthusiastic about putting some strange facts about Scotland into a more positive light.

Even though Scotland is officially a part of the United Kingdom, it is practically divorced from England in almost all things. This region has its own flag, its own capital city, and even a different chief political statesman apart from the Prime Minister of England. Other trivial details about Scotland are even way more glamorous.

Birthplace Of Golf

The most relatively well-known among the interesting facts about Scotland is that this northern country is where the sport of golf originated. Although this sport has been played since the 15th Century, historians theorized that its concept is derived from a similar type of ancient 'non-skating' indoor hockey invented by the Dutch.   

Red Hair, Blue Eyes

One of the coolest things about Scotland is that this region has the most concentrated population of red-heads in the world. 13 percent of all Scottish people have red hair. In addition to this genetic wonder, 57 percent of the entire blue-eyed population of the United Kingdom is either born or currently living in Southern Scotland.  

Odd Fashion, Odder Food!

Pants are often loosely associated as a metaphor for authority and masculinity. But in Scotland, the toughest men wear plaid (tartan) shin-length skirts. Scottish kilts are the 'national dress' of this country. If Scotsmen have a strange taste for fashion, their food seemed a whole lot more bizarre. The 'haggis' is a strange local deli made of minced red & white offals, onions, oatmeal and 'loin fat' (suet) stuffed inside a cattle stomach. This dish either waters the mouth or flips the stomach.

Bagpipe Music

Among other familiar interesting facts about Scotland is that this is the only nation that ever produces and patronizes the musical instrument called the bagpipe. In fact, mass media can hardly associate its sound to any other culture on earth.

The UFO Capital

One town in Scotland has effectively classified the entire country as the UFO capital of the world. Bonnybridge is a host of over 300 strange aerial sightings every year.