Anyone who plans to visit several Caribbean islands is always ready to regard nautical voyages as the most conducive way of getting there. This global region has always kept the American luxury liner industries alive.

Many people from the United States are more predisposed to Caribbean cruises, considering the short distance shared by the North American mainland and the sporadic isles dotting the southern Atlantic Ocean. These are the top five high-profile Caribbean cruise ships docking from the shores of the United States:  

Oceania Riviera. According to Travel USA News, this American luxury liner is ranked No.1 among other well-known Caribbean cruise ships known in the worldwide tourism industry. Oceania Riviera first launched in 2012. It has a total capacity of 1,250 passengers and manned by over 800 crew members. This ship has a total of 11 decks.

Crystal Serenity. The Crystal Serenity began its maiden voyage in 2003. This American luxury liner has a total of 12 onboard restaurants, including the prestigious 'Silk Road & The Sushi Bar.' However, its most popular feature is the 'herb garden.' Crystal Serenity has a total capacity of 1,070 guests serviced by 655 crew members.

Oasis of The Seas. This cruise ship has a monstrous passenger capacity - being one of the fewest Caribbean cruise ships that can accommodate a total of 5,400 passengers at each voyage. Due to its sheer magnitude, this luxury liner can even span an entire length of a zip line atop the 9 decks.

Regal Princess. Being one of the newest American luxury liners, this cruise ship began its maiden voyage in 2014. There is a total of 1,346 staff crewmates aboard manning the 3,560-capacity cruise ship. Traveling via the sea aboard the Regal Princess is enjoyable for adults and seniors who are into golf and massage therapies.

Carnival Conquest. Young adults and social butterflies ought to choose the Carnival Conquest for their next Caribbean cruise. This American luxury liner also earns the title of 'the best nightclub at the sea' due to its festive groovy atmosphere. This ship also hosts stand-up comedy shows and other live theater productions in addition to drinking and dancing.