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Katie McFadden

reef world dubai

Dubai to Open World's Largest Underwater Theme Park for Scuba Divers and Snorkelers

In its mission to outdo itself with its unique attractions, Dubai is opening a new theme park that will be completely under water.



Two Ryanair Flights Collide on the Runway at London Stansted Airport

Two Ryanair flights collided on the runway at London Stansted airport, ripping the wind tip off of one jet and causing passengers to disembark.


United Airlines

United Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Kansas After Emergency Slide Deploys Mid-Flight

A United Airlines flight on its way to California from Chicago was forced to make an emergency landing in Wichita, Kansas on Sunday after the plane's emergency evacuation slide opened.


skytower seaworld

Skytower SeaWorld San Diego: Riders Get Stuck at 320 Feet for Four Hours

Imagine getting stuck on a ride for four hours? According to officials, 48 people did just that when they got stuck near the top of the 320-foot-tall Skytower at SeaWorld San Diego.


Holland America Cruise Ship

Holland America Westerdam: Cruise Ship Returns to Port After Fire Breaks Out in Boiler Room

A cruise ship carrying around 3,000 people had to return to port after a fire broke out in the boiler room.


amy adams

Amy Adams Gives up First Class Seat to U.S. Solider on Delta Flight

Actress Amy Adams did something very nice and respectable for a U.S. soldier. She gave up her first class seat on a Delta Airlines Flight to Los Angeles.


Fly For Less Than £10 at Ryanair

Drunk Family Causes a Nuisance on Ryanair Flight: Passengers Urinated on the Floor & Hit Others

Passengers on a RyanAir trip had a horrifying trip when an Irish family on the way home from a wake downed cans of Guinness, urinated on the floor and fell into passengers.


ophrah jeremy meeks

Oprah Bailing Sexy Felon Jeremy Meeks Out of Jail? False. Internet Hoax Goes Viral

Oprah is bailing sexy felon Jeremy Meeks out of jail. At least that's what the Internet is saying. However Oprah is doing no such thing. No matter how sexy he may be, Jeremy Meeks is still in jai and the story is nothing more than a hoax.


TSA airport

TSA Fee Increase: U.S. Airline Tickets To Get Higher Starting in July

As if airline tickets weren't enough, prices will once again be going up, but this time its due to a TSA fee hike.


An Iberia passenger plane taxis on the tarmac

Spain Plane: Lightning Strikes Iberia Flight Carrying Spain's Team After World Cup Defeat

As if being eliminated from the 2014 World Cup wasn't bad enough, the team from Spain's ride home was even tougher when their plane carrying most of the player was hit by lightning just before it landed in Madrid.


soulja boy

Soulja Boy Died? #RIPSouljaBoy Trends on Twitter in Internet Hoax

Soulja Boy is dead. At least that's what Twitter saying. However the "Crank That" rapper didn't die. He's just the latest victim of an Internet death hoax. Soulja Boy is fine.


baby pregnant hoax

Unborn Baby Pregnant in the Womb? Internet Hoax Goes Viral

An unborn baby got pregnant while still inside the womb. At least that's what an article on the Internet says. However article is fake and nothing more than a hoax.


vietjet air

Plane Lands at Wrong Airport: VietJet Air Flight Mistakenly Lands 62 Miles Away from Correct Airport in Vietnam

A VietJet Air flight landed at the wrong airport last week, leading to its crew being suspended.


hong kong airlines

More than 70 Passengers Refuse to Leave Hong Kong Airlines Flight After It's Cancelled

Roughly 70 angry passengers staged an 18-hour sit in on a Hong Kong Airlines plane on Friday after their flight to Shanghai was cancelled.


texas giant roller coaster

Six Flags Plans to Bring Theme Parks to China

Six Flags is coming to China. At least, it's trying to and with a new partnership with Riverside Investment Group Co. Ltd., a leading real estate developer in China, plans can finally get rolling for the world's largest regional theme park to expand into China. With the new partnership, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation hopes to bring theme parks to the country over the next decade.


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