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Muslim Ban at JFK Airport

Donald Trump Travel Ban To Cause $1.3 Billion Loss In Tourism Revenue

The travel ban of travelers from Africa and the Middle East has indirectly impacted the economy of America.


GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Official Trailer (2017) TV Show HD

‘Game of Thrones’ Helps Boost Ireland Tourism Again

Ireland enjoys the influx of visiting tourists into the country because of the campaign it has dealt...


Richard Branson Reveals His Customer Service Secrets

Virgin America Owner Richard Branson To Launch New U.S. Airline

Richard Branson will soon launch a new airline fleet in the U.S. following Alaska Air Group spat.


Aeromexico Plane Collides With Overturned Truck at Los Angeles Airport

Jet And Truck Collision Injures 8 People At LAX Airport

A jet and a truck collision happened at the world-famous LAX airport when the right wing of the airc...


Guard Changing Ceremony at Windsor Castle in London

Windsor Castle Guardsman Yells At Tourist Trying To Have A Photo; His Reaction Was Hilarious

A Windsor Castle guardsman has to yell at a tourist who came near him as part of his duty as Queen E...


Honolulu Airport Arrival

What Was Going To Be A Romantic Getaway Turned Out To Be A Night In Prison

An Australian woman was detained in a Hawaii prison after authorities saw her diary entries that mad...


Travelers Take Precautions At South Korea Airport

Bringing Kids Abroad Regularly For Vacation Can Be Detrimental To Their Mental Health

Kid's vacations can affect their mental development as shared by experts. Frequent vacations to diff...


North Korea

North Korea's Artificial Islands Could Be Home To Military Nuclear Sites

The recent discovery of artificial islands located 70 miles northwest of Pyongyang have made some ex...


United Airlines

Oops! United Airlines Flew Passenger To The Wrong Direction

A passenger from United, instead of going to Paris, was flown to Chicago.


How We Welcome Our New Cabin Crew - Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Signs A Deal With FIFA To Sponsor World Cup 2022

Qatar Airways announced that it will sponsor FIFA through World Cup 2022. This will be one of the bi...


North Korea

Another US Citizen Is Detained In North Korea

An American professor who worked at PUST was detained last Saturday.


US President Donald Trump - Trump Travel Ban Third Revision

Appeal Court's First Look At Revised Trump Travel Ban A 'Major Presidential Test'

The US Court of Appeals would review US President Donald Trump's executive order for the first time....


Emmanuel Macron

France Has A New President! Emmanuel Macron Wins Presidency Over Marine Le Pen

France's president-elect Emmanuel Macron vowed to unite France expel the hatred and division that po...


Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Pilot Showered His One Millionth Passenger With Gifts

Southwestern Airline pilot Captain John Charles Ritchie commemorated the moment he flew his one mill...


King Salman’s palace coup and the Saudi royal politics

Saudi King Gives News Orders To Allow Women To Study, Travel, Get Medical Treatments Without Man's Permission

Saudi Arabian women have very little control with their life choices since they need permission from...


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