Singapore Airlines has announced compensation for passengers who were injured during a severe turbulence event last month. The incident occurred on May 20, on flight SQ321 from London to Singapore, when the plane dropped 54 meters in less than five seconds over Myanmar. 

This unexpected event led to minor injuries for several passengers and the tragic death of a 73-year-old British man. In response, Singapore Airlines is offering $10,000 to each passenger who suffered minor injuries.

Singapore Airlines Offers $10,000 to Passengers Hurt in Turbulence

(Photo : Jeffry Surianto on Pexels)

Singapore Airlines Acts After Harrowing Flight

During the flight, the Boeing 777-300ER had to make an emergency landing in Bangkok after the sudden altitude drop. 

Out of the 211 passengers and 18 crew members on board, 104 were reported injured. As of Monday, 12 of these passengers are still in hospital care. The injuries ranged from minor bruises to more severe cases requiring intensive care, with some individuals suffering from head, brain, and spinal injuries.

Singapore Airlines has committed to compensating those with minor injuries and engaging in discussions for higher compensation amounts with those more seriously affected. 

As per The Guardian, the airline has offered an advance payment of $25,000 to those needing long-term medical care, as part of the final compensation package.

In addition to individual compensations, Singapore Airlines also refunds all flight passengers and offers compensation for delays as stipulated by European Union and United Kingdom regulations. 

Furthermore, the airline has taken care of medical expenses for the injured and facilitated travel for their families to Bangkok.

The severe turbulence shows the importance of adhering to safety instructions during flights. 

Singapore's Transport Safety Investigation Bureau indicated that the rapid shifts in gravitational force likely caused unbelted passengers to be thrown into the air, emphasizing the dangers of not wearing seat belts during turbulence.

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Singapore Airlines Plans to Enhance Safety Measures

Following a turbulent incident last month and a similar situation involving a different airline, Singapore Airlines is examining how to make trips safer for those moving around the cabin, especially when using the restroom. 

Caroline Southcott, a passenger from a past incident on a different airline in 2008, still faces the long-term effects of being injured while moving about the cabin. According to ABC News, she suffered significant injuries after being thrown against the cabin structure when her flight unexpectedly dropped.

In the recent Singapore Airlines incident, the plane encountered unexpected turbulence over Myanmar, causing injuries to some passengers and crew. This has led to renewed scrutiny over how passengers can stay safe while moving about the cabin, particularly when the seatbelt sign is off.

The aviation industry is considering changes to improve safety in 'impact zones' such as bathrooms and overhead lockers, areas where passengers are most vulnerable during sudden turbulence. 

These proposed changes may include redesigning these areas with materials that could lessen injury during impacts.

Singapore Airlines has already started implementing more rigorous measures in response to these incidents. These include stricter rules regarding the seatbelt sign and suspending certain in-flight services during turbulence to ensure passengers and crew remain seated and secured.

This focus on safety is critical as the airline industry seeks to balance passenger comfort with the increasing occurrences of in-flight turbulence. 

Measures taken by Singapore Airlines could set new standards for in-flight safety, potentially leading to widespread changes across the industry.

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