An Austrian Airlines jet faced severe hail damage while flying from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, to Vienna, Austria. The incident occurred on Sunday, and despite the damage, the plane with 173 passengers and six crew members landed safely in Vienna. 

During the flight, the crew issued a mayday call due to the unexpected weather conditions.

Austrian Airlines Flight Survives Harrowing Hail Storm Damage

(Photo : New York Post on YouTube)

Austrian Airlines Weathers Sudden Hail Storm

The plane encountered a thunderstorm cell, a mass of air with strong upward and downward movements, which was not visible on the weather radar. 

The sudden storm caused significant hail damage to the aircraft. Photos circulating on social media reveal the extent of the damage, showing a badly battered nose, a bent cockpit top, and cracked cockpit windows.

As reported by CNN, Austrian Airlines confirmed that the Airbus A320, operating as flight OS434, suffered damage to its front cockpit windows, nose (also known as the radome), and some exterior paneling. The airline is currently assessing the full extent of the damage to understand the repairs needed.

The scary event comes after a series of similar incidents affecting other airlines. Last month, a Singapore Airlines flight experienced severe turbulence, resulting in one passenger's death and injuries to over 70 others. 

Similarly, a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin saw 12 passengers injured under comparable circumstances.

Austrian Airlines has expressed relief that everyone aboard flight OS434 arrived safely despite the challenging conditions. 

The airline is taking steps to ensure the continued safety of its flights, especially under adverse weather conditions. The incident underscores the unpredictability of flying and the importance of robust safety measures.

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Austrian Airlines Boosts Flights to Bangkok

Austrian Airlines has announced an increase in the number of flights between Bangkok and Vienna. Starting this winter, the airline will raise its weekly flight frequencies from 7 to 13, marking an 86% capacity increase for the Winter 2024 schedule. 

This is the largest expansion Austrian Airlines has planned for the season.

Austrian Airlines, renowned for its punctuality and high-quality service, operates a modern fleet, including the Airbus A320 family and the Boeing 767 and 777 aircraft. 

Lufthansa Group shared that passengers can expect a comfortable travel experience with complimentary meals and beverages featuring Austrian and international cuisines, along with a selection of Austrian wines and beers.

Brendan Shashoua, Senior Director of Sales for Lufthansa Group in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, commented on the expansion. 

"Since 1988, Austrian Airlines has been connecting Vienna, the capital of Austria, with the Thai metropolis of Bangkok.  Thailand is an incredibly attractive destination for Europeans, and we are responding to strong demand by increasing our weekly frequencies from Vienna from 7 to 13 flights," said Shashoua, as quoted in the report.

Austrian Airlines, Austria's largest carrier, has been linking the country to the world since 1957. With a workforce of over 6,000, the airline manages around 220 flights daily. 

The current fleet comprises 66 aircraft, ensuring a wide-reaching and reliable service network from its Vienna hub. This expansion underscores Austrian Airlines' ongoing commitment to enhancing connectivity and service in the Asia Pacific.

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