Qantas is set to take complete ownership of the travel company TripADeal, enhancing its role in the $13 billion online holiday packages market. The airline will acquire the remaining 49% stake in the Byron Bay-based firm. 

This transaction, worth $211 million, is expected to close by the end of June 2024.

Qantas Aims for Travel Dominance with Full TripADeal Acquisition

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Qantas Enhances Service with TripADeal Integration

Since 2022, when Qantas first purchased a majority share in TripADeal, it has allowed its Frequent Flyers to use points on various holiday packages. 

With this full acquisition, Qantas plans to integrate these offerings more closely with its overall service. This could make travel planning more streamlined for its customers, especially those using points for discounts and deals.

As per Breaking News Travel, the deal aims to strengthen the connection between Qantas's flight services and TripADeal's customized travel packages, which include destinations like Africa and Europe. 

In July 2024, Qantas members will enjoy a special offer-a 30% discount on bookings made with points.

TripADeal, founded by Norm Black and Richard Johnston, has performed strongly, achieving over $450 million in bookings in the past year. Under the new arrangement, Matt Wolfenden will lead TripADeal as CEO. 

The company employs 150 people in Byron Bay and operates tours in 30 countries.

Andrew Glance, CEO of Qantas Loyalty, stated that the acquisition aligns with Qantas's mission to provide outstanding travel experiences. Both Black and Johnston believe that Qantas is well-positioned to further the growth and success of TripADeal.

Financially, the acquisition fits within Qantas Loyalty's strategy to boost shareholder returns and maintain its growth momentum. 

The transaction cost is included in Qantas Group's capital expenditure plan for the fiscal year 2024.

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Qantas Reveals Olympics Livery for Dreamliner

Qantas has unveiled a new Olympic-themed livery for one of its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, displaying a large 'GO AUSTRALIA' message to support Australian athletes heading to the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The aircraft, which will fly athletes to and from the games, features the national colors of green and yellow, reflecting the Australian Wattle tree.

The airline, known as the Flying Kangaroo, continues its long tradition of supporting Australia's Olympic and Paralympic teams. 

Simple Flying reported that the special livery was shown today at the Qantas Jet Base, emphasizing Qantas' role as the official carrier for the 2024 teams. This partnership has spanned over 70 years, with Qantas first flying Australian athletes to the London Games in 1948.

Qantas Group CEO Vanessa Hudson emphasized the airline's commitment to supporting Australian athletes, noting the mutual pride and history shared between Qantas and the national teams. 

The Dreamliner, registered VH-NZH, also represents Qantas' broader support for people with disabilities, ensuring comfort and accessibility for all passengers.

This initiative is part of Qantas' ongoing efforts to foster national spirit and support for the athletes as they compete on an international stage. 

After the games, a celebration will welcome the athletes back in Sydney, continuing the tradition of a grand homecoming for the national teams.

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