Vietnam is one of the hottest tourist spots in the world because it has so many attractions and destinations to offer. But aside from that, the place is also rich with a variety of delicious food which can be found just right on its streets. If you're planning to visit Vietnam, here are five street-food dishes that you should definitely try.

Bánh mì. One of the most common street-food dishes in Vietnam is Bánh mì which basically means bread but also refers to some of the country's delicious baguette sandwiches. You'll find Bánh mì wherever you go and every seller would somehow use different ingredients from others. However, some of its basic ingredients include pork, luncheon meat, pork skin, cilantro, carrots, chilies, cucumbers, and radish.

Ốp la. If you get tired of eating Bánh mì, how about trying Ốp la. This dish is just made up of eggs, ham slices, onions and baguettes which are cooked in a small pan. According to Migrationology, it has also a lot of varieties but the dish is often eaten with sunny side up eggs topped with peppers and caramelized onions.

Pho. Good old Pho is one of the most classic Vietnamese dishes. It's quite hard to walk on the streets of Vietnam without seeing vendors selling Pho. It's made up of fresh rice noodles and herbs in a salty broth that comes with either beef or chicken meat. According to CNN, it's one of the country's local diet since it's delicious and cheap at the same time.

Bhan Xeo. This dish consists of pork, shrimp and bean sprouts wrapped up in a crispy crepe sprinkled with fresh herbs on top. Vendors would usually cut it up into small slices so you can dip it into a special sauce. 

Bun Bo Nam Bo. This dish which is also called as stirred beef vermicelli is made up of vermicelli noodles, beef slices, fresh herbs, bean sprouts, peanuts, peppers, fish sauce and dried shallots. The broth is then poured when someone is ready to taste this delicious dish.

Don't miss out on these dishes whenever you're in Vietnam. The whole Vietnamese experience won't be complete without trying its local cuisine.