Geneva is not really an ideal place for first-timers since it's one of the most luxurious cities there is. However, the city has a lot to offer from its outdoor activities, stunning mountains to its gorgeous lakes so it's really hard to resist visiting this place. If you're planning to go to Geneva, here are a few budget travel tips for first-time travelers

Accommodation Options

Booking a regular hotel is the easiest thing to do but keep in mind that they cost more. Try couch surfing, which is a community that allows you to live with locals at no cost. Getting shared rooms via Airbnb is also a good choice which would cost around $35-$60/night. In fact, you can even get an entire house if you're traveling with a group which costs about $70/night.

Food Options

The best thing about this city is its many food options. According to Nomadic Matt, supermarkets would have easy-cook meals that are sold around $5-$9. If your accommodation permits you to cook, a week of food groceries would cost about $130. If you really budget your food expenses, you're going to spend $20 a day for meals.

Get The Geneva Pass

A Geneva Pass gives tourists access to a lot of museums, attractions and galleries in the city for free according to the Geneva website. In fact, it also gives you free transportation to all these places. You have the choice of availing the pass for 1-3 days and would usually cost between $26-$45 depending on the length of days.

Avoid Drinking

It's not because of cultural or safety reasons that travelers should avoid drinking but it's the prices. Beers cost around $8 a bottle and wine costs between $10-$25 a bottle. But if you can't resist the urge to have some alcohol, don't drink in the touristy areas of the city -- get them from grocery stores.

Free Walking Tours

The city offers the Free Walk Geneva where tourists can spend time with the locals and tour around the city on foot. It's completely free and you'll have the chance to witness historical sites, feel the culture, and meet people.