Helsinki has so many great things to offer to everyone who wants to visit. This lovely city has so many attractions, big events, and a rich culture. But before you embark on your journey, here are a five essential tips that you need to remember.


The crime rate in Helsinki is pretty low so travelers are sure that they're safe. But be mindful of pickpockets and snatchers especially in crowded areas, railway stations and the Kaisaniemi Park. Overall, this city is pretty safe and major crimes are a rarity.

When Is The Best Time To Travel

There's no really best time to travel because Helsinki has attractions and events that you can see all year round. But if you want to get the most out of your stay, try visiting in summer from June to September. According to Helsinki, a lot of the city's big events and art festivals are usually held on August so if you go in summer, you can really enjoy its festive vibe and explore everything around you in the nice mild weather.

Bring The Right Stuff

The things that you need to bring depends on the time that you visit this place. According to CNN, during the summer, temperatures maintain its levels around 17 C(62 F) but during the winter up to the month of February, it can go down to 6 C (22F). What you need to do is to pack appropriately like bringing winter clothes during the winter season and just casual clothes during the summer.


Unlike other countries, Finnish people don't really care about tips. Hotels and restaurants already add service charges to your bills so it's not really necessary to tip unless you really want to give them credit for excellent service. You also don't need to tip cab drivers.

Finnish Conversations

When talking to a local, don't be surprised if they don't use words like "please" or "excuse me." Also, Finnish people often have long silent pauses in the middle of their conversations which is quite awkward for some outsiders. If ever they do that, don't interrupt because it's normal for them.