Everybody wants to travel because there's no better way to enjoy life than to experience what the world can offer. However, traveling isn't cheap which is why most people just don't even bother to think about traveling at all. But here are a few travel hacks on how to travel the world for cheap.


This may be very time consuming since you need to screen candidates carefully before you swap out your homes. But this kind of method is way cheaper than getting a regular hotel, plus, it might come with facilities like a kitchen, a garden, telephones and even internet connection. According to the Verge, you can check out a few sites like homeexchange.com or homebase-hols.com.


If you don't have a house that's up for swapping, then you can offer to house-sit someone else's house. According to Forbes, you can go and look up websites where people want house-sitting services like housecarers.com, mindmyhouse.com, trustedhousesitters.com, housecarers.com or craigslist.org. Just do a lot of research because different countries have their own online boards most of the time.

Be An English Teacher

Travel while you teach English in other countries. You can look for websites that offer these opportunities like TEFL.com and ESL Cafe. Most of these jobs shoulder most of the travel expenses of the teachers and would even compensate them for your services. 

Do Some Volunteer Work

There are lots of organizations that are in search for volunteers to help them in their cause. In exchange for your services, you'll be compensated either with free transportation, meals, accommodations, or even all of them. Online sites like Workaway or HelpX helps travelers connect with people all over the world who are in need of volunteers.

Couch Surfing

This is probably one of the easiest ways to cut almost half of your travel expenses. You basically find someone in your chosen destination to host you. You can sign up for an account at couchsurfing.com, build your profile, and connect with other couchsurfers worldwide.

Traveling isn't really that expensive if you only do lots of research. In fact, there are more ways to travel the world cheap than you can imagine.