It's a dream come true to travel in the comfort of your own home and its no wonder why some people try the "van life." If you want to live in van too, you must be well-prepared so here are five tips on how to make it work.


If you want to be comfortable in your van, invest in space which means bringing lesser appliances and furniture. According to Wanderlust, it's normal that you try to make your van as homey as possible, but do pack intelligently.  Also, don't get too caught up with doing all possible experiences and visiting all destinations. Be sure to indulge in every moment and enjoy the simplicities of life.

Stock up

Stock up from one destination to another and take note that passing small towns means free resources. Try to figure a route that allows you to stock up where you can have healthy dishes and have fewer chances of spoiling ingredients. Not to mention, you'll also have an opportunity of creating new and exciting dishes.


According to The Inertia, it is very important to have a tool box that includes wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers and other necessary tools that you think you're going to need along the way. You don't want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere and wait for hours or even days until you get help.

Pack Lightly

Living in a limited space also means lesser stuff for more comfort. Just bring the essentials especially kitchen basics and dual purpose items. Also, choose clothes that you can wear multiples times and are easy to dry and store. Just take note that this is not a vacation so you can wash your clothes along the way.

Sleeping arrangements

It doesn't mean that if you live in a van you can just sleep anywhere yo want. Do your research before you park and RV parks are usually the best options because they come with facilities. But if all else fails, try considering Walmart parking spaces for a safe spot. 

Living in a van can be challenging but it's also rewarding. You can have numerous adventures, experiences and stories to tell. But make sure that you follow these tips and do more research before you take off!