Luxury travels give travelers a private bus to board and even a chauffeur for private individual transportation. But for those traveling on a budget, traveling like the locals do is the best way to go around. European train and bus travel could be troublesome especially if one is chasing a deadline -- which makes an app essential. To help travelers find the best routes and rates for commuting in both train and bus, there is Wanderu.

Wanderu is an application exclusive for North America and Europe. According to LA Times, it has about 1,000 cities across Europe where travelers could book or compare ground transportation rates. Wanderu has about 480,000 new routes that is updated on a regular basis.

In its website, it has a or hotel booking-type website that allows travelers to set a time for travel and return journey, and then reserve tickets. Just like hotel booking websites, Wanderu brings up a list of available transportation according to the appointed schedule and travelers can sort results according to affordability, imminence, and overall quality as rated by reviewers.

However, not everyone is quite impressed with the application as of yet. Some of Trustpilot's reviewers for Wanderu said the app only "acts as a middleman for tickets" where they take a percentage fee for their work without any risk. Majority of the ratings -- notably users in North America -- gave the application five out of five stars because of helpful customer service and for "being great for use in an emergency."

LA Times writer Jen Leo said she found the application useful because it included "company logos, Wi-Fi and electrical plug-in icons" along with helpful filters that sorts items in the list depending on results priority. The European feature allows travelers to book their transportation months early before their arrival.

She also said that the routes for Europe are still limited this February but it is bound to improve over the next few months until possibly the end of the year. Some also commented that some countries offer alternatives to the application such as carpooling and bus company phone numbers that offer a frequent traveler card for better savings options.