With the thousands of Apple Watch apps that you can scour online, what would be the best pick for your lifestyle and even on your budget?

Some would go for new apps that excite, but any smart shopper would opt for usability features and design. While there are lots that could impress you at first sight, only a few can be tagged as clever, cost-efficient, and durable.

Here's what's on our list of the coolest Apple Watch apps for travel this 2017:

Sleep++ (FREE) - This app is a total night owl and works while you are dozing off. While most Apple Watch apps would usually feed you tidbits of information when you're active, this app grabs information while you're asleep (so you have to wear this overnight). Generally, this is designed primarily to track the user's motion and checks when and how restless you are. With the Background Refresh that comes with the Watch OS 3 launch, the app is more intuitive and responsive when you're awake and so you'll be able to check out and analyze how well you slept last night.

Slack (FREE) - This is an all-too-familiar that a lot of people on-the-move use nowadays. This is the corporate communications system that is used by around 1.7 million users worldwide. This has actually replaced instant messaging (IM)) and email for a lot of users today. Most people find this ultra savvy and convenient for people who collaborate in projects remotely or while working from home, cafe, hotel, or even while traveling.

This has full-packed features which include archiving, search, and social media integration which allows you proverbially to do it all. The great thing about having Slack on your Apple Watch is that you will have push notifications of only the things that needs your urgent attention as you have preset it.

PCalc ($9.99) - We deal with computations and money on a day-to-day grind which makes this app really handy and useful for people who are always on the move. This can be used as a regular as well as scientific calculator that also help you split the bills.

You just have to indicate the total bill and how many people would be paying as well as the tip that you wanted to leave the friendly waiter. Pcalc now solves it for you and pretty much calculates how much each person should contribute to the plate. The Scribble feature is pretty neat as well because you don't need to dictate or input anything if in case you ordered an extra serving of dessert.

More so, the app can also do measurements and conversions for distances; et cetera. This is the cheapest calculator app you can find online which helps you efficiently with serious calculations. Definitely gives a bang for your buck.

Most Apple Watch owners get confused with what apps are basic and useful for today's users. What is worth downloading and what's just a waste of space and bucks. The above list will surely gear you on the right Apple Watch apps that you can use for work and play.