Starting today, your family and friends can gather around TV and start planning your dream vacation. Yes, Apple launches App, the latest innovation to view travel inspiration and destinations in front of Apple TV. The app can be downloaded from Apple Store starting yesterday.

The Apple TV app provides infotainment kind of experience when choosing for future travels. It features hundreds of destinations and 600 different activities. Per destination is equipped with what-to-do recommendations, as well as where to stay and where to shop information.

It also features extreme adventures, relaxing activities and cultural hotbeds. Do you consider bungee jumping in Australia or surf in Waikiki? Activities like these are personally recommended by resident adventurers of

The Apple TV app will show mini travel guide. Each travel guide will be accompanied with high definition images and suggestions on accommodation. Destination videos will be available soon, ta make the experience more engaging and inspiring.

Travelers will also be advised on the best time to travel to each destination. They can also save their favorite destinations or hotels to view later. For bookings, travellers need to visit website or book via the mobile and tablet app. is one of the leading online travel companies to promote planning travel through the help of mobile app. Their award-winning wearable app was first launched in 2015.

The Senior Director of Mobile at, Daniel Craig was quoted saying, "We want travelers to use the app for inspiration, to give them new ideas on destinations to visit and activities to try. It's also perfect for group bookings, as friends and family can gather around the TV to choose their holiday together." He added that their company wants to be part of the entire traveling experience- from planning, booking and stay-in support. For more of the latest travel apps, check this article from Travelers Today.