Do you want to travel? Are you lacking ideas on where to go or how to go about with your trip? As the year is approaching an end, I have come up with a list of free downloadable applications that you can move to 2017 with that will give you travel tips, deals and a means to organize your travel.

According to Forbes, launched in September this year by Google, the app "Google trip" has found favor in the eyes of many hitting around million downloads. It bases on your Google history to recommend and guide you to world top places to visit. It is free and can work offline and uses your Gmail account to make reservations for hotels, car rentals, and flight tickets.

With more than 50 cities around the globe including Hong Kong and Beijing, the app "Guide" by lonely planet a stunning travel application, offers travel suggestions. With this application, you can investigate city aides, for example, touring proposals and local hotspots that are locally aided.

With flight status, the application helps you track the status of flights, knowing their delays, terminals they will be in and much is a free app available on both android and apple. Tinder app might not be that interesting since it is a dating application, but you can use it to get friends in the local area you are in. if dating seems so tensioning, a group feature can help a group you're traveling with interact with locals.

Reported by Apps tips &tricks, If visiting an area and you have no guide, "sidekix" offers a city guide as you navigate along the streets of the new city you are in, it will recommend the best restaurants, coffee points, and shopping spots. The worst thing about this app it requires data and if you are in a foreign place it will be expensive and it is battery consuming. Better be fully charged and have a map downloaded beforehand.

"My TSA" calculates the delays across the country, the weather information and in some cases, pre-check in at hotels. It is better than following the airport on twitter. "Café Wi-Fi" is also another great app. It locates where free Wi-Fi and hotspots are located at and saves you the hustle of moving from café to café locating Wi-Fi. You can go without a tour guide and yet enjoy your travel. The apps Google trip, sidekix and much more can make your travel easier in 2017.