Following many unsettling and scary events in 2016, traveling can be thought as very dangerous. Recalling terrorist attacks in berlin, France and Egypt traveling does not seem as fun as it was once before. On a closer look, governments around the world have been working to solve these issues so as to make traveling more desirable.

According to Nationalreview, back in 2000, booking a flight was cumbersome having to move from one travel agent to the other, exercising the patience of listening to the boring travel recommendations and passing through a list of guidebooks that aids your travel planning. Making a hotel reservation was more tedious than booking a flight. A couple of sample reservation letters were displayed on which you were supposed to rewrite in the same manner and mail it to have your reservation.

Thankfully in the current years, we have the internet break through that spares the letter writing and the travel agents bother. We can simply book flights, make hotel reservation straight from our cell phones. Locating the nearest restaurant and shopping mall is also simplified by the use of GPS.

Reported by Realclearmarkets, taking road trips is also simplified by the internet. With translating apps, you can understand the contents of the road signs but the best part is the GPS which gives the direction of the entire trip. Sharing economy introduced by Uber a ride-sharing company has reduced travel costs in international and local areas.

Traveling overseas that was once hard and expensive is now simplified and is a lot cheaper than before. Airfare was collected by attendants once you have boarded and the refreshments were for sale which is not the case for now. The use of credit cards has made traveling easier, using your card you can use ATM and have money currency of the current location. Hotels too, have developed their services through making communication easier, currently, you can text to attendants via WhatsApp or blackberry.