Being a great year with great events and commemorations, 2017 leaves an alarming question on every traveler's Mind on where to travel to this year. Should you join Canadians in celebrating their 150th anniversary or should you travel to the US to witness the solar eclipse? But what about Zika free beach that is totally terrorist do not touch zone? The answers to all these are summarized in categories based on recommendations from various writers, travelers and magazine articles.

According to Fayobserver, the first category comprises of events and anniversaries that will happen throughout the year. The early January event is the swearing-in of the new president of America, Donald Trump that will be on 20th and 21st January. February is not exciting although Houston will host bowling. Skipping to June is the Americas sailing cup and in august 21st is the most awaited solar eclipse that will last for over 2 minutes in South Carolina.

Alaska and Canada have their 150th anniversary with Alaska celebrating its breaking free from Russia and Canada being free from Canada federation colonies. While Germany will be celebrating 500 years since Luther had criticized them, Russia will be commemorating 100 years of Czar's revolution that led to communism and 100 years of Finland's independence from Russia.

Reported by Telegraph, the second category is the destination darlings. These include Portugal which is blooming for its food and wine replacing France due to its attack since it costs less and has a rich cultural heritage. Cape town in South Africa is marked for the new opening museum and lastly Cuba which is hoped to be the last chance for a Tango dance in Cuba before Trump prevents travelers to Cuba.

The last category is the theme park. Travelers to Disney land will get a chance to see the new land being created called Pandora which originates from the Avatar movie. Also, a replacement of the twilight zone with mission break out and a privilege to see the star Moana. In addition, there will be an overwater ride called Krakatau aqua coaster by Orlando resort.