With 2016 having gone with the Olympics done in Cuba, 100th birthday for nature wonders in 2017 approaches with new wonders yet to unfold. The walking trail in Jordan, a safari adventure in Madagascar Africa, and the amazing Malaysia beaches are among the great travel destinations that await your visit in 2017.

According to Gulfnews, having a treasure of great wine scenery, Georgia country has obtained its popularity for being a hot travel destination. The design hotels rooms, great taste of the Georgian food, art, music and the great Caucasus mountains that can be explored by helicopters, makes Georgia be a hot destination as it is currently.

Oman for long has been taken by Britain as an escape point to relax from all the working stress. As it's fame spread, Americans have also loved Oman. Being naturally beautiful and endowed with sandstones and empty beaches, the Luxe hotels have aided the exploration in Oman. Archaeological sites in south Oman can also be explored thanks to the recent opened Al Baleed Resort Salalah.

Made of 99 islands, Langkawi, Malaysia has now been the Centre point in Asia snatching it from Vietnam and Thailand. The first resort opened there had a swimmable lagoon. Planning to totally snatch Thailand spotlight, next summer a 90 room-30 villa property will be opened. There is more to see than the big five known in the African parks. Madagascar gives a chance to explore animals that cannot be found elsewhere on the planet. The opening of Miavana will make the exploration more epic.

 Reported by Mirror, Sri Lanka has been known for its beach retreats since 2012. In 2017, Sri Lanka comes in a new way with the new retreats Santana and Tri and the opening of Ceylon's Wild Coast Tented Lodge for wildlife exploration. Trinidad and Tobago in Cuba will stand out in 2017 for the cultural beauty and the wild nature that stand as an alternative to the beach vacation.

The building of Jordan trail being completed after five years, trekking lovers can have the chance to walk the 370-mile trail worth 33 days estimated by Jordan women who trekked. Section trekking can be done and accommodation in the trail is available. Aarhus, Denmark is being crowned next year for cultural capital and a region of gastronomy. The city will display its riches in museums, gallery, and its four Denmark national parks.

After a resolution and peace arrangement in Colombia that marked the end to the 52 old guerilla wars, Medellin and Cali's cities pose as tourists' attraction for guerilla army and above all, visiting in November through March gives you a chance to witness and even participate in the coffee harvest.