With the wake of chaos currently troubling the Middle East led by several terrorist groups, tourism in these areas has certainly flunked. With the war ongoing in Syria and Iraq, neighboring countries such as Jordan have been terribly affected in terms of the amount of travelers visiting their country.

Last Sunday, a group of gunmen exchanged fire with police officers and security forces in Jordan, resulting in the death of 10 people including a Canadian tourist and some police officers. Several civilians were also reported to be wounded by the attack.

It was not clear who orchestrated the attack but Jordan has been a target of several Islamic-related terrorism attacks in the past. Because of this, the Foreign Commonwealth Office has issued issued safety precautions to all travelers, especially foreigners.

One of the most stressed rules in visiting Jordan is that all people should avoid traveling as much as possible within 3km of the Syrian border. The area is perceived to be highly dangerous because of threats such as stray bullets, stray mortars, possible kidnappings, and other risks.

If you're traveling with a tour operator, make sure to always follow their given itinerary. To exercise caution, avoid straying from your tour group and always have a buddy when going somewhere.

Don't talk to suspicious strangers as much as possible. The threat of terrorism is high in Jordan and other neighboring countries; make sure to always maintain extreme vigilance.Make sure to update your travel and medical insurance when traveling. This is just another precautionary step for safety.

Avoid getting contact with objects you're not familiar with. In the event that you do, make sure to always report it the local authorities.And lastly, always keep a low profile and try to increase awareness in your surroundings. The impact of the war has hit Jordan's tourism industry, and it doesn't hurt to increase a traveler's level of security.

Jordan is a beautiful country, with many natural and beautiful attractions. Although right now Jordan is still considered relatively safe for travel, constant vigilance must always be exercised by both tourists and locals, in order to prevent undesirable occurrences.