Jordan is a gorgeous country near to Asia, Africa and Europe. It boasts of opulent heritage, sceneries, cuisine. Remnants of history are evident in the structures, statues, and ancient cities. One such beautiful site of remnants is Jerash, where travelers can get a glimpse of the Roman civilization.

Upon reaching the gateway to the ancient frontiers of Jerash, travellers will be welcomed by the Arch of Hadrian. The stately arch was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian and is representational of the Roman style.

Vacationers can experience chariot racing in the Hippodrome. In fact, there are daily shows from Saturday to Thursday arranged by the Jerash Heritage Co. Ltd. under the name RACE (The Roman Army and Chariot Experience). The show highlights Roman practices which are chariot racing, legion marching, gladiator performance, and centurion show. The Hippodrome used to be the enormous arena, a platform back then for activities involving chariots, gladiators, sports and legions.

For history and archaeology enthusiasts, one can delight in Archaeological Museum which keeps artifacts and significant cultural collections. It was built in 1923 and it is open to the public daily for free.

Another Roman element that visitors can see in Jerash is the Oval Plaza which has a dimension of 90mx80m. At present times, the plaza serves as a venue for cultural events such as the Jerash Festival. The said festival is celebrated as a reminder of Jordan's aim for unity and stability.

For Catholic sightseers, the Church of St. Cosmos and St. Damian, St. John the Baptist, St. George are some of the holy places to visit. These churches are known to be Byzantine ruins.

Considered as the "Pompeii of the East", Jerash has so many Roman elements to be proud of which fascinate tourists from the neighbouring countries. Its government and people are doing a great job in preserving the ruins. Jerash is an apt place to get a glimpse and feel of what used to be the grandeur of Rome.