Basically differing in tools and speed as compared to skiing, ski mountaineering has become a sport that is gaining popularity these involves skiing up and down the mountain in groomed runs. Skiers wear a rubber membrane called skin which previously was animal skin. Currently, the US has succeeded in entering the mount skiing championship that will be held in Italy while having a team of people in Idaho that had done 13 miles in five ascents and descents.

According to Idhostatesman, noting that there is a difference in equipment for skiing and mount skiing, the skis for mount skiing are short and narrow as compared to those used in normal skiing. The skis are of varying lengths which are gender based, 160cm and 150cm for men and women respectively while the width is the same for both genders which measure 65 mm.

In Brundage where there is a huge amount of snow, each morning skiers ski along the parking lots. According to Richard skiing is health wise beneficial sport since it does aerobic respiration in the body. And as per Ben Hippie skiing is fun and gives a clear view of the scenes and the beauty of the sunrise.

Reported by Washightontimes, Dessie Weigel's first time to do mountaineering skiing was hard and challenging. At the age of 22 being a graduate of Whitman college, her first time felt as if her heart pounding in her chest and almost 10 minutes later the was choking after a long run for about 45minutes. Currently, USMMA is in search of skiers as patient and adventurous as Wigel.

For almost five years now, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming have been mount skiing but as for the US, it is a recent development. The US aims in making sense that skiing can also be done in other areas.