Traveling to a new country is always fun and exciting, but sometimes the whole thing can be downright stressful. Getting all things organized is a handy way to make your travels a lot smoother, and sometimes, it's okay if you use a little help.

These travel apps are some of the travelers' best friends on their adventures. They are of great help not only in making everything efficient but sometimes they give useful information that will help you avoid tricky situations while in a foreign place. If you're traveling this year, make sure to have some of these apps installed on your phone:

Aroundme. This app will help you not to get lost while traveling to a certain place as it identifies your location and then gives you information on where to find the nearest gas station, ATM machine, hospital, bar or any useful info you could probably need. This saves you a lot of time in asking for directions too.

iStone Travel Translation. When you're lost and in need of local information, speaking English sometimes can still get you lost. So why not try asking in their local dialect? iStone Travel Translation has over 300 common phrases usually used in 12 languages, great when the place you're in doesn't really entertain much English.

Tripit: Travel Organizer. If you have several planned travels for the next few weeks it's always handy to organize all the necessary travel info in one place. With Tripit, just upload all the confirmation emails you got and the app will be the one who will create your itinerary. This will save you a lot of time searching for every plane ticket, hotel reservation number, or any details you might need during your travels.

Foodspotting. One of the best things to do while traveling to a foreign country is trying out their food. As such, looking for good restaurants in a new city can be quite a stressful. With Foodpsotting, you can find which restaurant serves the best dish you're currently craving, or you can discover the best food spots in the location you're in. Most dishes featured here are equipped with delicious-looking pictures and basic descriptions, so you'll know exactly what you're getting.