Social media has developed into being the most important advertising tool. Most of the travel brands have shifted from the local advertising techniques that were previously used to the new advert tool called User-generated Content (UGC). From current research, it shows that majority believe in advertisement and information on travel destinations from blogs and social media than in the journals and this being the case, the UGC marketing tool uses social media influencers to advertise their brands.

According to Skift, the good news is, the same way the brands desire to be marketed it is the same passion that the influencer has too. Noting the reciprocated passion between the influencer and the brands, there are new applications that have been developed to ease the marketing for both sides. "Pour" is one of the application which allows the influencer to take selfies in specific locations that aids him/her into securing a deal with different brands depending on the niche.

Alternatively hold everybody's attention online through visuals. The app "Crowdiff" under a visuals social marketing company lets the user post an eight-second video or photo of a travel destination to a social media channel. It is not necessary to have a million followers to have the deal, but even with your few loyal followers and good photography skills, you can still have the deal with travel companies.

As reported by Pixlee, with social media and blogs having many influencers, not all of them are worth the task. "Tinflur" app allows brands to create an ideal profile of an influencer and do matching with real influencers to obtain the one fit for the task. In marketing campaigns are necessary and highly needed. The app "Klippit" assists different brands in launching campaigns in social media especially Instagram and Facebook with the influencers by means of a short video. At the end of campaigning, the influencers are rewarded with the brands.