Swapnil Shinde Ceo of the personal travel concierge app, Mezi shares his insights on the next travel trends. Here is a rundown of the Top 5 2017 Travel Trends.

Local Traveling will be a travel trend in 2017. It is predicted that the demographics of Millennials have the inclination to value experiences more than things. This young cluster, however, has limited means to book luxurious vacations or go on world-class destinations. This year, these travelers will be a big part of local traveling where they go to destinations that meet their budget. Several in this category will also most probably take advantage of the strong dollar and fly abroad. Regardless of whether international or local, this group will enrich their experiences and collect memories.

Bleisure will be a travel trend in 2017. It is a way of blending business and pleasure. Nowadays, more employees have the free will to prolong stays for personal trips. There are also instances where employees bring along family members for business trips to engage themselves in the local culture with a loved one when not on the job.

Solo traveling will also be a travel trend in 2017. Recently, there is an increase in women-only or men-only retreats and travel activities. This is a fast emerging trend that is expected to flourish in 2017, according to Forbes.

Do-It-Yourself Travel will be a travel trend in 2017. The breakthrough in technology especially with travel apps, arranging for one's trip is easy. In fact, nowadays, traditional travel agents are fading quickly, with the exception for highly trained niche experts. There are lots of free tools like apps that runs on advanced technology like AI. There is also machine learning that can search across numerous travel booking sites, serving up curated, modified options based on the penchants shared, all within a simple text message-style interface.

Finally, Ecotourism will be a travel trend in 2017. Aside from enjoying the destinations, people, and cultures, travelers are becoming more environmentally sensitive than ever. Most travelers especially those traveling in remote areas are conscious about their carbon footprints. In 2017, travelers will exercise low-impact, ecological travel options in an attempt to provide a more positive experience for both visitors and hosts.