Users of iOS devices have started seeing pop-up messages regarding the upcoming iOS 10.3 beta release. Along with the upcoming update, which will be another step away from jailbreaking, is the exclusive 64-bit environment. Apple now appears to be planning to stop supporting older 32-bit apps and games in the future firmware releases.

As reported at Phone Arena, the pop-up messages have started appearing on certain apps or games that are still using the older 32-bit architecture. In order for the apps to keep working on specific setups, the developers are required to update them. Developers that fail to update their apps are in danger of getting their apps completely removed off from the official AppStore soon.

A huge number of developers have already made the adjustment back in 2013 when Apple officially revealed the release of the iPhone 5S. However, some developers have opted to stay within the 32-bit environment for particular purposes, especially compatibility with older iOS device to be supported.

However, Apple apparently became stricter with implementing the 64-bit only app despite the first A7 processor has been released two years ago. Apple will also have the option to directly contact the developers of the apps or games in question to relay the new policy, which is going to start with the iOS 10.3.

As ValueWalk reported, the company's drive to enforce the 64-bit only app is to prevent potential slowdowns, especially that the iOS 11 is also getting paved for a release, which could be expected somewhere in June this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference. This will potentially come along with the announcement of the iPhone 8 that could be slated for a September release.

There would be around 50,000 outdated apps to be deleted in the future as Apple advises. This will be an initiative to weed out "problematic and abandoned apps," that poses further problems and stability issues for the iOS 10.3 beta and 11 in the future.