July 22, 2024 3:56 PM


Lyft May Add A Feature Letting You Tell Your Driver You Don’t Want To Chit-Chat

Lyft has affirmed that is has been playing around with a 'zen mode' feature. The innovation will allow its passengers to politely let their drivers know that they don’t want to engage in small talk.


Lyft Will Give Big Discounts For Bike, Scooter Rides

Good news await riders of Lyft as the company announced huge discounts for multi-modal riders. After buying Motivate, a bike-sharing network, Lyft is taking steps to make the company an all-in-one transportation service.


The Cheapest Taxi Fares In The World Revealed

Taxi cabs are plagued with a bad reputation of overcharging its passengers. To combat this, Silverdoor Apartments has published a Global Taxi Price Index that would immensely help people estimate the ride cost in 50 capital cities around the world.


Attention, Londoners: Uber Is Back, But Don’t Get Excited Yet

Judge Emma Arbuthnot ruled for Uber to keep its license and operate in London for a 15-month period. Uber serves a staggering 3.5 million customers in London and has over 45,000 drivers.


Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Begins Construction on World's First Full-Scale Passenger & Freight System

HyperloopTT announces arrival of the first full-scale passenger and freight tubes and a first look at plans for the research and development facility in Toulouse, France.


How To Book European Buses And Trains Using Wanderu

Need to reserve your tickets for a train or bus ride off in Europe a few months before? Wanderu, the most famous transport booking app in America, has expanded its routes to Europe. The route list is still updating but is likely to complete by the end of 2017.


Five Destinations With Strange Modes Of Transportation

Sled rides downhill everyday to travel from one town to another. Elephant rides from point A to B. The world never ceases to amaze with strange transportation in the form of bamboo trains, coconut taxis and canal rides.


Alaska Air Group Becomes Fifth Largest U.S. Airline; Virgin America Now Under Its Wing

The union of the two of the world’s best airlines makes Alaska Air Group lands in the 5th place as the largest U.S. airlines.


Travel Tips: Modes Of Transporation You Will Encounter Around The World

Here are some modes of transportation being used by different countries all over the world. You won't even expect some of them!


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