Travelers in Portugal, might want to try riding the Toboggan, a makeshift wicker and wood sled that is quite fun. Commuting through elephant rides sound amazing as well. Travelers in Bangkok could experience some Venice-type water rides through canal taxis. The world has some strange transportation with all their experiences truly worth a try.

Elephant Commutes, Laos. Travelers in Laos' Luang Prabang -- an elephant safari -- get a supervised ride on top of their elephants. But sometimes, they allow travelers to ride the elephant outside the gates with heavy supervision. Laos protects and preserves their elephants through government subsidy. Do not miss out on riding them.

Canal Taxis, China. Canal taxis -- fairly common in Italy's water-trodden Venice -- is also fairly common in Bangkok. According to Readers Digest Canada, Bangkok is known as the "Venice of the East" because Bangkok itself has a network of canals that help beat traffic. There seems no downside to scenic boat views of the city and the feeling of boat rides -- except when there are high tides where boats need to stay in place.

Coco Taxi, Cuba. In Havana is a district that has a tricycle shaped like a coconut cheek. The distinct "C" shapes of these tricycles make them wonderful sights around the Cuban city. Fares are cheaper than riding taxis in the South American capital -- and they are great selfie locations too!

Bamboo Train, Cambodia. Cambodia's O Dambong eastern region features a unique ride in the form of a bamboo train. It possesses a small engine that uses fan belts that move the small wheels against wooden rails. Travelers who rode these bamboo trains could lie down on bamboo-soft pillows and found they could hold more than 10 people.

Toboggan, Portugal. In the Madeiran capital of Funchai is a 20-minute ride down the mountain. The sled made of wood can be quite fast, but it is a fun way to travel from Monte to Funchai. According to Bored Panda, the sled ride downhill as transportation has been a long-existing Madeiran tradition.