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Top 5 Chinese Travel Spots Only For The Brave: Rats, 'Urine Eggs' And More

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Dec 31, 2016 05:15 AM EST

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Travelers are mostly familiar with China's popular Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, meditation temples, martial arts study halls and the "Great Wall" but not really with China's contemporary cultural tourism that is beyond strange. Some countries could feature creepy dolls or museums dedicated to the phallus, but China has delicious rat delicacies, a tea house on the moutain and strange traditional medicines, "urine eggs" being one of them.

Tianmen Skywalk, Zangjiajie National Forest Park. About 4,700 feet up in the air, travelers would need to have no motion sickness and altophobia, else the Tianmen Skywalk is not for them. A glass corridor built around the vertical cliffs of one of China's highest mountains makes indeed a great experience -- if one survives it.

Virgin Boy Eggs From Dongyang, Zhejiang. According to Huffington Post, in China's state of Zhejiang in Dongyang, centuries of old tradition in medicine involves boiling eggs in "virgin" boys' urine. The result is a medicine to help chronic asthma and even heat stroke -- but no scientific evidence claims it works.

Psychedelic Tunnels In Bund, Shanghai. Being the capital, Shanghai becomes a melting pot of China's modern culture -- including its Western approach to some cultural sites. Travelers crossing the Huang Pu River in Bund should ride a rail car that gives a feeling similar to a psychedelic journey -- with some creepy subliminal speeches telling you about stars and hell.

Huashan Teahouse In Huayin, Shaanxi. Climb a mountain, sure. Build a teahouse above the mountain, that's strange. Having to go up the mountain through steep stone steps, that's deathly strange. Climb to the Mount Hua's Huashan Teahouse only with certified guides in the area.

Rat Delicacies In Shanghai. Street hawkers -- regardless of their food's sanitary levels -- help travelers discover local delicacies and the location of the nearest restroom. In China, hawkers go beyond a tasteful stomachache to stranger things. Rat barbecues or soup are sold in most streets -- and they are more tender than pork. According to The Daily Mail, rat dishes in China have earned the ire of animal rights groups worldwide.

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