There are literally hundreds of places that deserve to be on your bucket list of must-visit, so if you plan to travel more this 2017, this is a list of 5 emerging hot destinations. Take a look at them and if it's your ideal place, get online and find the best flight and hotel deals available today.

1. South Africa - If you're one of those people who have an adventurous spirit, then you absolutely have to go to South Africa. It has perfect beaches as well acres of winelands. South Africa boasts a diverse culture which makes it a country that is worth visiting. Make sure to stop at Johannesburg, known as the City of Gold, it has been transformed into a hip urban destination that is definitely worth seeing.

2. Iceland - Before 2016, not a lot of people have even considered Iceland as a travel destination and it's really a mystery why. Iceland is a Nordic island nation and is now becoming more popular because of its amazing other-worldly, beautiful landscape. Iceland is the only place you'll ever get to see the Northern Lights. Iceland tops the list of emerging destinations in 2017 by AsiaOne.

3. Japan - It's been a long time since people even considered visiting Japan, but it is quickly becoming a must-see country today. When you visit Japan, you can experience authentic Japanese cuisine that is a favorite of many or soak in an outdoor hot spring tub and get a chance to sleep in an authentic Japanese inn, called Ryokan.

4. New Zealand - If you're looking for a peaceful and quiet place to visit, New Zealand should be your next travel destination. It boasts Victorian and Edwardian inspired architecture and a lot of hiking and cycling paths. It's a perfect place to go on an exploring adventure.

5. Peru - It's the home of a slice of the Amazon rainforest and the ancient city of Machu Picchu, in the Andes mountains of Peru. If adventure is what you're after, then you can be like Lara Croft and visit Peru. You can go and get an adrenaline rush in the southern Peruvian desert where you can sand board down giant dunes in Huacachina. Peru is number 3 on The Resident's list of emerging destinations in 2017.