The Queen of Sweden, Queen Silvia said that the Royal Palace, the Drottningholm Palace is haunted by ghosts. This she said in a documentary on the country's public TV network SVT. Queen Silvia is the wife of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. The Drottningholm Palace is the permanent residence of Sweden's royal family.

The Drottningholm Palace was built in the 1600's in Lovon Island in Stockholm. The Palace is "the finest example of an 18th-century north European royal residence inspired by the Palace of Versailles." It is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Queen Silvia, 73 years old, is the wife of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. She was born to a German businessman and a Brazilian woman. Queen Silvia is Sweden's longest serving queen for 40 years.

The queen said that sometimes one does not feel completely alone. However, she says not to worry, because the ghosts are friendly. She says it is exciting but one does not get scared. Although the queen was not specific in describing the "ghosts", there was a Time report which specified a "gray man" and a "white lady". Queen Silvia also says that spending decades in old buildings toughens a person up.

The King's sister, Princess Christina confirms the presence of "ghosts" in the palace. According to her, "There is much energy in this house. It would be strange if it didn't take the form of guises," she tells the filmmakers. She says that there have been stories of "ghosts" in old houses, and that many have lived here over the centuries, and that their energies remain.

According to the Local, paranormal experts can attempt to seek the palace's "ghosts" for themselves. Drottningholm Palace is open to the public all-year round, except for the rooms in the southern wing, which are reserved for the royals.