The Sala Silvermine Underground suite in Västmanland, Sweden is a single suite located just 155m underground which makes it the world's deepest underground suite, which gives guests a chance to enjoy and experience the historic silver mine which dates back around 500 years ago.

Guests can stay in the history Sala Silvermine which is one of the world's best preserved mine settings according to Unusual Hotels of the World. In the deepest hotel, you can see different galleries of paintings, you can also see the medieval like furnitures with candlelights around the tables which can be very scary or romantic depending on how you feel.

Vast caverns and magical lakes can also be found in the deepest hotel in the world. Like any other underground location, the place is very cold and dark but very beautiful if you are into the dark setting and relaxing if you find a very quiet place peaceful though there are some reports that unusual sounds can sometimes be heard in the underground hotel.

Guests of the suite receive a basket of food from cheese to biscuits to wine.They also receive a PA system that connects them to a local guide whenever they need anything or in case of emergency. A dining table and some chairs are also available in the area where a guide brings breakfast for guests in the morning. There is also a nearby lounge that could accomodate a wedding or a party.

Adventure around the underground suite as underground lakes, galleries of different kinds are present in the area. But because the underground hotel does not offer that much light in the area, a flashlight is handy and is the only source of illumination unless you bring an infrared camera or night vision camera on hand.

According to Travel and Leisure the mine can reach depths of more than 1,000 feet and consists large cavities that unveil the groundwater that flows underneath which can appear to be underground lakes making it one of the best views to see in the area.

The Underground Hotel room rates start at around $530 dollars per night. For more of the latest destinations and current events around the world stay tuned to Travelers Today.