Moving from one place to another is something we do everyday. From our house to our work, from the church to the mall and we even move from one country to another. Transportation is indeed important in our everyday lives. Some people have their own cars but majority take public transportations. Below are some modes of public transportation from all over the world listed by When on Earth and Living Local.


Jeepneys are said to have started way back after World War II. When the Americans colonized the Philippines, they left some jeeps and the Filipinos utilized it and turned it into a way of public transportations. Jeepneys are still existing in many cities of the Philippines.


Nori is also known as bamboo train. These are literally just like trains that have railways but no roof. It is made out of bamboo and it isn't well maintained just like how the usual trains we know are. One of its advantage is that riding the nori is cheap.

Dog sled

Dog sleds are not powered by humans. It is powered by dogs. You may have seen it on some movies with winter settings because dog sleds are usually used during winters. If not, then it would be very bumpy since the snow helps smoothen the way. It is where a sled is pulled by dogs to get to your destination.


The toboggan is used as a means of transportation of the locals in Madeira, Portugal during the 19th century. Now, it is not as often used by the locals but is used by most tourists. Toboggans are wooden sleds for 2 seaters. It is powered by 2 persons pushing and steering the sleds and using their shoes as breaks.

Barco de Totora

Barco de totora is a transportation used for crossing bodies of water in Peru. Using the totora or dried reeds, it is turned into a unusual looking boat. These are just some of the modes of transportation from different parts of the world. There are more modes of transportation that are interesting. Make sure to try riding these when you travel on their country of origin. You will find other modes of transportation in this video: