Archaeologists will find more interesting dig ups this year and would like the public to know more of their history and culture. More expeditions and creative initiatives have 2017 say it's the year of archaeology.

Possible discovery of King Solomon's Mines in Israel. Archaeologists have been digging up in the sandy area of the country and discovered a military fortification over 3,000 years old possibly during King Solomon's reign. They have unraveled age-old stables and military defenses to protect the copper mines below the Timna Valley. Copper was a rare product, and it has to be protected heavily to avoid theft. Is it really King Solomon's Mines? The Bible said it contained so much wealth to ornate grand palaces. Its fame had writers and movie producers turned it into a pop cult.

Archaeology sites in Galicia, Spain. Drought is a factor in north-western part of the country. The lack of rain seems to bring archaeological sites into sights as water levels dropped. Emerging from the drought is the remains of Castro Candaz, a fortress-turned vineyard centuries ago, possibly in Roman times.

Breadcrumbs App, a treasure hunt in London's museums. They're leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for you to find the treasures in the V&A, The Huntarian Museum, Kew Gardens, The Imperial War Museum, The Natural History Museum and Handel & Hendrix in London. The app, brought by Breadcrumbs, allows people to visit English museums and attractions to rediscover history and some ancient artifacts. It tells them of a clue to find in a certain museum which eventually leads to the treasure.

Cambridge skeletons. A medieval friary dating back between 1290 and 1538 has led archaeologists to uncover 25 skeletons and possibly reach as many as 40 in the next few weeks. The Augustinian Friary dates back to the 13th century but was facing hard times during the reign of King Henry VIII when he converted to Protestantism.

Iraq's archaeological sites. Terrorism would want all historical sites to be destroyed but it seemed like they did not blast everything off. Khorsabad and Nimrud have fragments and statues that have to be protected, dug up and preserved before terrorists have their hands at it.