The Germans have the best traveling privileges in the world because Germany was recently named to have the world's strongest passport. The ranking is based on how many countries Germany is allowed to travel to without the need for a visa.

The Daily Mail reported that Germany topped the rankings for the strongest passport in the world followed by Sweden and Singapore at 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Germany is allowed to travel visa-free to 158 countries all over the world.

The number of countries included in Germany's travel destinations both includes completely visa-free and visa on arrival privileges as reported by Independent. It also held the top position last year but there's one destination taken off its list of countries this year.

Both Sweden and Singapore are allowed 157 countries to travel to without a visa. However, the former is ranked second on passport rankings because it has 123 destinations that are completely visa-free while the latter has 122.

There's a difference between visa-free and visa on arrival privileges. The former would full allow a traveler to visit a destination without a visa while the latter would still require someone to apply for a visa upon arrival at the destination.

With Germany having the strongest passport, Afghanistan, however, has the weakest passport in the world. According to Passport Index, the country only has 23 destinations that it can travel to without the need for a visa.

In other news, the World Openness Score states that there has been an increase in freedom to travel between countries. The WOS keeps track of the progress of the freedom of mobility all over the world. The WOS was 17,925 last year but increased to 17,948 this year.

The rising trend is a breakthrough for the whole world but with the recent issues about immigrants, it's still in doubt. However, more and more countries are increasing their visa-free travel destinations which are good signs for travelers.