Spain is known to be home to vast vineyards, cheeses, and unforgettable delicacies. People travel to this country to visit churches in Barcelona, the night clubs and beaches of Ibiza, and the wonderful art of Madrid. However, a new tourist attraction may have just be formed in Basque Country, the place where all the wine comes from.

According to BBC, it is not just a choice between red and white wines anymore. A new innovation has led to the introduction of the world's first blue-colored wine known as Gik Blue. It is definitely a new way to innovate and shake up the very traditional wine industry.

However, the biggest obstacle for Gik Blue isn't so much of its taste but people's mindset to accepting that this blue wine being a first in the world actually exists. But with the rise of millennials on the forefront of startups and the vast technology meets research that companies have access to, it's not too surprising.

As reported by Independent, hailing from Bierzo in northwest Spain, the wine, named 'Gik', is made from red and white grapes and took two years to develop. Its base is created with red and white grapes before anthocyanins and indigo pigments are added to turn it blue. The flavor is apparently a cross between a wine, a wine cooler, and a cocktail mixer. In other words: sweet. Finally, the wine is softened with sweeteners.

As for those wondering why the Gïk team decided to produce a blue wine, it seems it was nothing more than the simple desire to rebel against convention and introduce a breath of fresh air into the traditional world of Spanish wine-making. In their own words, "we believe in the creative rebellion, we build new things, break with the past and create our future."