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An Amazing View Of The Niagara Falls At NIght

Travelers Today       By    Vic Mariki

Updated: Jan 14, 2017 09:18 PM EST

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From the first illumination of the Nagara falls in Canada in 1980 which was done using 200 flares, there is has been a major advancement in the lighting system. The recent development has been the replacement of the xenon lights that have lasted for about 20 years with 12600 LED lights arranged in 1400 three by three squares having the same colors. The LED lights consume 60% less energy and illuminate 14 times brighter than the xenon lights that were previously used.

According to BBC, right now the Niagara falls that were invisible as the night fell, are glittering and amazing to view even at midnight. With the LED lighting system, even with rainfall, the view is even better and appealing. The continuous changing of the lights to yellow, green or white along the mist and the flowing of water together with the lights is just fantastic.

The lights are scheduled to light each day of the year but at different times ranging from 5 PM to 2 AM in the midnight. The management of the falls has a chance to illuminate for charity non-profitable organizations on specific colors, for instance for the cervical cancer awareness month a date January 6th is picked to represent the month and teal color is used for illumination at 10 PM and blue color illuminates on the World TTTS awareness day and law enforcement appreciation day.

As reported by Niagara Parks, the LED lights project had an investment cost shared by both US and Canada. The completion of the whole project involved multiple trials and errors as according to the designers. Moreover, the interesting part about the LED light project is not as expensive as other lighting systems and lasts to about 25 years said Mackinnon the lighting designer of the project.

Following the efficient results of this lighting project, many places have begun wanting to the renovation of their lighting systems. Las Vegas standing as the example wants to change its lighting system too.

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