In the Northern Switzerland there is a city known for its beautiful landscapes, clean surrounding, great postcards and a unique taste of food called Zurich. It is a beautiful spot to visit but too bad if you are the first timer in the place because a lot will seem interesting to you. So as to assist the first comers in Zurich, a summary of best restaurants to eat or what to do have hereby been analyzed and will serve as your guide to Zurich.

According to Forbes, located on the rooftop of the bar, perclard will make you the best cocktail for toasting to your arrival in Zurich. From there have a delicious meal called Luxemburgerli which is more like macaroni at the sprungli or you can go to Le Dezaley and enjoy a delicious fondue. For dinner, Volkshaus will do the trick. In this place, you will be dining as watching an attractive crowd down the road.

For chilling and chatting Café Schober is the best and you should order for hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. The cream in designed in a style of a mid-century apartment. For late night snacks, Palestine grill will help. They serve the Middle East delicious snacks like sabich. And if you are a fan of dancing and drinking, Longstreet will easily turn your night to morning as you drink, dance and enjoy live performances.

As reported by Timeout, there are some interesting things to do when you are in Zurich. Being an area with a great sense of electronic Music, club Zukunft will give you a chance to interact and dance with both local and international DJ's. You can also shop for designer clothes at the vestibule or get a tattoo from the best tattoo studio in the world Sang Bleu which has recently opened in Zurich. Other things you can do are night sledding on the mountains, spend a day in an artsy, visiting the west of Zurich and shopping at the holiday market during the holiday season.