Traveling to far destinations can be a lot of fun, adventurous and intriguing, however not everybody has the time or the financial means to travel to other continents, especially with family in the picture. In the previous months when the campaigning was intense, the Mexican peso was seen dropping by a small percent, which could mean more drop on the currency when the new government comes into the white house. This makes Mexico a suitable option for US citizens who want to travel without going too far or spending a fortune. Below is a comparison between Us and Mexico costs.

According to Yahoo, for US travelers to Mexico, a restaurant meal that costs $15-$60 in the US, will cost $4-$27 in Mexico. And a $3 taxi fare in Chicago USA is equivalent to $1 when using a taxi in Mexico. A $5 beer in the US will cost 95 cents in Mexico making it an affordable destination in comparison.

The August signed the deal on transportation agreement between Mexico and US, has a resolution on removing the airline limit between the two countries and promote economic growth for both countries due to improvement in transport facility. This being the case, a drop of about 36% is expected for flights between Mexico and US.

As reported by Expertvagabond, moreover airlines have brought in new crafts that are expected to begin the routes early February. The new airline introduced called "volaris" is expected to cost $99 for a one-way trip. And the airlines that existed like the Hawaiian, Norwegian air and Delta are expecting to add new routes going to Milwaukee to Cancun, Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta.

Back in 2015 Mexico was the most visited destination of the year and an average cost for a room was about $147. Its stats for being most visited destination dropped in 2016 when it ranked second with an average room cost of $136. With the current trend of currency drop this year a cheaper accommodation in Mexico is expected. Currently, the hottest deals in Mexico hotels are in Mino Real Polanco hotel for $111 and the Hotel Royal Reforma for $7.