In the northern highlands of Tanzania, where the Ngorongoro crater is found, a new camping lodge is opened that bears a Swahili name,"asilia". It is a Swahili word meaning natural or authentic. The owner of the lodge Luraschi believes that you can come to the crater several times and even change your tour planner but what you see will still be the same. The asilia camp makes what you see new and amazing through changing how you see it.

According to Forbes, the lodging camp has an arrangement for its visitors to have a chance to visit a Maasai "boma". Boma is where a Maasai family lives. They do not have a single specific family that is paid a visit to; rather it allows visitors to visit various families and gives them a chance to interact. The fun part about these visits is that both sides meaning the Maasai family and the touring visitors are excited to learn each other's cultures and are eager to ask questions to each other about several ambiguities they have.

The lodging camp not being selfish about sharing the natural wonder of the crater, in the afternoon after morning drives through the crater, a mobilization to meet a group of Maasai women is made. In this women gathering, the visitors on safari have a chance of learning how to make the Maasai cultural jewelry beads. The class is filled with shyness and laughter as they watch the visitors struggling to make the beads which are as easy as taking a glass of water to the Maasai women.

The question now roaming in your head is where exactly do I find the camping lodge? As reported by Tanzaniaodyssey, the lodge is found on the slopes of the Olmoti crater a 45 minutes drive from the Sopa crater lodge. The camp has seven rooms in a form of dome-shaped tents. The bed is at the center which offers a clear view of the whole area. This place is great for both adventure lovers and lovers wanting to spend a luxury honeymoon since it is surrounded by cool forest worth a picnic.