Ever heard of the phrase, no place on earth like Africa? In a quite scenery, away from human modifications and civilization, the place where the only voices of birds chirping and the pounding voice from hooves of the big five animals, where the clouds seem near to the earth. Found in the Northern of Tanzania in a crater called Ngorongoro is the sanctuary retreat tourist camp.

According to Forbes, "Sanctuary retreat" dates back in 1999 and has more than 16 camps in Eastern, central and South Africa. Staffs working in the retreat interact with the guest from arrival and everything else that proceeds. The camps are guided by Maasai morani holding a spear as a sign of readiness.

The sanctuary camp is featured with tents having a hotel comfort bed, a flushing toilet and heater and moreover an attendant to each visitor who helps with the lifting of buckets and attending to your needs. With the services the butler give, the core mission of making experiences unforgettable is achieved beyond the ordinarily imagined scope.

Reported by Secrectescape, early morning schedule begins with an exploration of the crater, the habitat for thousands of animals and ends with dining together at the dinner tent and later gathering around the fire for stories of exciting trips and knowing each other better, on other occasions, a bush television is used in place of bushfire. As a part of creating an unforgettable experience a guide surprised his crew who took the word of the guide when he said was lost whereas he had planned a lunch buffet for his crew which made them all happy.

Another sanctuary in Tanzania is the Serengeti migration camp whose entire plain is covered by golden grass and the name migration is as a result of the seasonal movement of animals between Kenya and Tanzania as they search of pastures. This sanctuary too has a gathering around fire habit.