Travelers differ in opinion on destinations. Some think the destination is all about where they will be seeing nature and culture while to others destination includes the hotel where they are being accommodated to and the food they eat. Of what use is it having a great time sightseeing and having an unappetizing meal? Of the best destinations in 2017, here is the summarization of the best new restaurants to support your travel with a great menu.

According to CNN, Chef Judy Joo has brought the Korean food spirit in London through opening a restaurant at Jinjuu Mayfair. The food is purely Korean and soju completes the meal. Your visit to Scotland will be unforgettable when you visit the Spanish butcher in Glasgow. The place is filled with various grilling options and top quality Spanish meat.

Featured with handcrafted cocktails and a 10 seat chef bar that allows you to taste 15 tiny portions of food prepared before you, Avecita, Kimpton Seafire in Grand Caymanis the best match. IGNIV, St Moritz, Switzerland a swish Swiss resort meaning nest, serves food in platters and allows passing of the platters as in a family dinner.

As reported by Ksat, led by a two-Michelin-star Dutch chef Sidney Schutte, the recent opened Cocina de Autor at Grand Velas Los Cabos has already claimed recognition for its extraordinary cuisine. Even with its off location, Hilma restaurant in Sweden has won fans for its cheap dishes of about $14 for a person with Scandinavian touch. Having an odd name with an origin from a Napoleon Bonaparte's bounty who offered 12,000 Francs for anyone who would be able to preserve food for his troops. 12,000 Francs in japan has naturally preserved foods and great desserts.

The Patio in The Margi, Athens, Greece serves dishes that set respectable standards for Greek cuisine. Being promoted by a great view of the Chao Phraya River, Attitude, Avani, in Bangkok, Thailand serves best crispy and crunchy dishes. Agern, New York, USA offers simple and quality dishes that are hard to forget and will bring you back to eat again. With the idea of dining all day with a variety of healthy dishes, Grow, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia the award-winning chef Ryan's restaurant has fans in all of the place.