The Philippines have a very rich history and Filipinos are very well-known for being hospitable. No matter from which walks of life they're in, they would treat you just like family.

Aside from that, Filipinos are also popular for being food lovers and being able to concoct any type of dish with either scarce or abundant supply. Either you have a plan to visit the Philippines pretty soon or in the near future or you just want to know more about the best Filipino dishes, here's a few of them you ought to try!

Lechon: This is a must-have in almost every Filipino occasion, whether it's a reunion, a birthday party or a wedding. Though it originated from a term in Spanish which is "lechón", meaning suckling pig, this dish has been adored by the Filipinos for years (aside from steamed rice, of course) and comes in many variations such as "Lechon Baboy" (roasted pig), "Lechon Baka" (roasted cow) or "Lechon Manok" (roasted chicken). "Lechon baboy" is the most popular, as it's usually used as the centerpiece and star of various Filipino occasions.

Though popularized in Cebu, Lechon is now enjoyed and n be found in different parts of Manila. Filipinos have a wide array of sauces to go along with every dish and this one is also best served with a special sweet and thick lechon sauce which is made out of vinegar, sugar and pepper mixed with chopped liver.

Taba ng Talangka: With the word "taba" meaning "fats," pretty much gives you an idea that this is induced with lots of cholesterol. This dish is made out of the fat of a small assortment of crabs, compressed and then sauteed in garlic for that rich taste and wonderful aroma. The most popular places to buy these are either Bulacan or Pampanga.

Pancit Bihon Guisado: Made out of rice noodles sauteed together with some vegetable and meat, this dish is very common in every Filipino eateries, fancy or not. This tasty food is a mixture of both Filipino and Chinese tradition.

Chicharon Bulaklak: One of the Filipinos best dishes ever, this is extra tasty when dipped in very spicy vinegar This is made out of a pig's ruffle fat, hence its name which means "chicharon flower" (with "bulaklak" meaning "flower" in Tagalog). This is cooked by simmering the ruffle fat with some peppercorn, salt and bay leaves in a pot and then taken out to drip off. It's finished off by deep-frying, achieving its crispy and chewy texture.

Kare-kare: Best eaten with shrimp paste or "bagoong" together with some steamed rice, Kare-kare is a dish with oxtail laid in a bed of rich-tasting sauce made out of crushed peanuts and toasted rice. This is garnished with string beans and eggplants.

There you have it! The top 5 food you must try when you're in the Philippines. Enjoy!