Every day we see new hotels opening up but we do not know what to expect from those hotels. This year an analysis of the new hotels opening in 2017 has been done and the lists of hotels and resorts in various destinations is hereby given and explains what to expect from the hotels and resorts.

According to NYTimes, in Bhutan, five new lodges in different locations will be opened this August and are collectively called six senses Bhutan. The lodges will be located in Punakha, Paro, Gangtey, Tiger's Nest and Bumthang. So far the rates for lodging are not announced. The 141-room hotel called Palácio Tangará in São Paulo Brazil is expected to be opened in April this year. The hotel will have a pool, spa, restaurants, and bar will cost $450.

Parq Vancouver in Vancouver Canada is expected to be opened in fall. The hotel will have five restaurants and a spa, casino, and pool. The cost will be about $321. A 252 room hotel named after the house designer Ned is expected to be opened this spring in London. The hotel will have a private combo, restaurant, spa and a banking hall. The cost for the hotel will be about $311.

Reported by TravelandLeisure, Kokomo Island in Fiji will have an opening of a small luxurious hotel this March. The hotel will contain a dive center for undersea explorers, 21 rooms, villa each with a pool, tennis court and restaurants. The island is accessible by helicopter or ship and available at a price of $1799. Hoshinoya Bali, Ubud, Bali a Japanese-owned hotel in Indonesia will be opened this January. It will have a swimming pool, restaurant and a spa offering Yoga classes twice a day. The hotel is available for $671.

Located in Fort Bishangarh, fort Alila hotel opening early in 2017, will have 51 suites, two restaurants, and a spa will cost only $282. Meanwhile, in April a 120-room Il Castelfalfi hotel, is expected to be opened. The energy in the hotel will be from biomass and food waste heating. It will have a spa, restaurant and courses both for golf and cooking and its average price will be $312.