Dogs are man's best friend and there are just some people who can't live without their dogs. In fact, there are a lot of people who even take their dogs during their travels. If you're also planning to take your pets with you, here are 4 things travelers should know when flying with their furry friends.

Flights are Risky For Dogs

According to Humane Society, travelers need to take note that air travel is not the best option for dogs. Planes are designed for humans in the first place so it's quite a risk for a dog's health when flying. Brachycephalic dogs or dogs with pushed back noses like the Pekingese, English bulldog, and French bulldog are the ones prone to such risks like oxygen deprivation.

Ask About Flight Policies

Different airlines have different flight policies when it comes to transporting animals. You might need to ask questions about immunization requirements, pet carriers and other restrictions that you need to know beforehand.

According to Pet Travel, there are also three ways in which animals travel and these are the checked baggage cabin, checked baggage cargo or manifest cargo. Also, some service and comfort animals are allowed in the cabin for passengers with special cases.

Dangers of the Cargo Hold

If policies do not allow pets to stay in the cabin, they would place them in the cargo hold. One thing that owners need to take note of is that many pets get lost, injured or die when in the cargo hold. Make sure that your dogs are physically capable of undergoing such stress.

Minor Details

There are some minor details that dog owners need to know like letting the staff know that you're traveling with your pet, taking pictures of your pet and taking direct flights. Also, never feed your pets six hours before the flight and make sure that nails are also clipped.

Before you plan your next trip, try to take note of these 4 things travelers should when flying with their furry friends. It won't be fun if anything happens to your dogs.